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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Updated Rankings

Food for thought, but has anyone seen the updated rankings? I'm looking at them, and I just don't see how UConn is ranked 14 by ESPN w/ BC ranked 7. As of late UConn is a much tougher team and arguably much more of a favorite to win the BE than BC. Not the greatest news for GU as a win over the hall gives them a crack at UConn.

On another note, I recommend checking out the viewers' poll on the big east championship website. Apparentely GU is a fan favorite to win.


Jester of Magellan said...

You think having to play UConn is bad news.'s Bubble Watch is saying that we'll probably have to WIN the BE Tourney to make The Dance.

Italian Stallion said...

I would agree with one caveat: Since our road to the BE finals would require beating UConn followed by Syracuse most likely, I think the Selection Committee would be hard pressed to deny a bid based on 2 solid prime-time victories.