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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bracketology - Wednesday Edition

The Wednesday Edition of Bracketology still (somehow) thinks we're going to The Dance.

But we are now listed (along with GW, WV, and Norther Iowa) as one of the last 4 teams in. Plus, this is all predicated on the Big East getting 8 teams into the Tourney.

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Italian Stallion said...

i saw that bracketology just now. i don't think anybody in their right mind would grant the BE 7 bids let alone 8.

i agree w/ jester's NIT comments. at this point, although i'd love to see us dance, getting a crappy seed and a beat-down from a 3-4 seed does nothing for the confidence of these guys and sends the entirely wrong message of the season.

despite the fact that GU resembles my beloved NY Giants with the end of season losing streak, there are a number of positives coming from the year, one of which is that GU's name is once again being tossed around as a legitimate team.

having said that, if i had to pick between a first round clubbing in the Dance or a solid run in the NIT, i choose the latter option.