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Friday, March 04, 2005

Random Musings

Last night I was getting ready to watch The Apprentice and was attempting to kill time by watching the Madison Square Garden channel. Expecting to see a Mets vs. Cardinals preseason game, I almost fell-off my chair from what I saw - GU alum Jerome Williams giving a narrative and doing interviews at a local dog show. The JYD seemed to know his stuff and actually sampled a doggie treat during the showing.

On a different note, anybody have any thoughts / opinion about how Temple should handle John Chaney? I must confess that I really didn't know enough about Temple / Chaney to realize that Chaney has a temper. While what he did was pretty bad, one has to stop and think to realize that many coaches send in "goons" to make games physical. The older JT would only send in Jerry Nichols to mix it up. Having said that, calling one of your own players a goon certainly doesn't help team morale.


Diamond_Mike said...

I think Temple should move on. Chaney is a great coach but his team's aren't performing the way they used to and this is a major embarassment to the school. Larry Eustachy and Bobby Knight, frankly, never did anything this reprehensible. Granted, coaches will send a "goon" in to foul, but that was not this kid's charge. He was sent in to foul hard and to send a message and to do so time and again until he fouled out. That is just beyond the pale and Chaney should be held accountable.

Jester of Magellan said...

Two things:

1) Though Temple hasn't been at the top of their game for a while, they had a respectable team this year.

2) I wouldn't put it past Bobby Knight (or a lot of other coaches) to try something like that. Just because we haven't heard about it before doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. What if the "goon" at Temple hadn't broken the St. Joe kid's arm? Would we even be discussing this?

Italian Stallion said...

Jester, I would agree with you. If not for the broken bone involved here, it's not even a topic of conversation. It's just merely coaches / players "playing tough". Let's face it, having an ace three point shooter doesn't strike fear in the opposition. Owning the paint does.

IPB said...

Very good points made by Jester and the Italian Stallion. Anyone who has played for any coach worth his salt can tell you that good coaches instruct their players to commit hard fouls.

I haven't heard one commentator anywhere criticize Don Nelson or any other NBA coach that uses the hack-a-Shaq theory. Many of the fouls committed against Shaq are very hard and could potentially break one of Shaq's arms or his wrist and I haven't heard one person (besides Phil Jackson and Stan Van Gundy) decry this tactic.

Now, if Chaney had instructed his player to go in and break an opposing player's arm, that's an entirely different story. But that's not what happened here.

I do concede I haven't seen any of the tape and haven't followed this story very closely, so it's not clear to me exactly what happened (did the Temple player simply commit a very hard foul that broke the opposing player's arm or did the Temple player commmit the arm-breaking foul using a WWF type move that is clearly beyond the bounds of fair, physical play?)