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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A plea

The stats don't lie....

I checked the stats of each Georgetown player and what I discovered about Marc Eggerson confirm what I, along with others, have been noting anecdotally.

Of those who attempt a significant amount of 3s (which I am arbitrarily limiting to 10 TPA or more to date), he is by FAR the worst three point shooter on the team, averaging an abysmal 20% from beyond the arc (5/25 so far this season).

His overall FG% hovers around 44% (27/61).

HOWEVER, if you take away his absolutely gut-wrenching three point shots, his FG% rises to over 60% (22/36)!!!! Most of those buckets, as we have seen, occur close to the basket, where Egerson is not afraid to take it and I give him big props for this.

Now I realize no one (except for maybe Steve Kerr) shoots as well from behind the arc as inside the arc. But these stats are startling.

It does not take a genius to figure out that Eggerson's outside shooting form looks pathetic. While we might be able to get away with his ill-advised 3s against the likes of James Madison and Winston Salem St., mark (no pun intended!) my words that his shot selection is going to hurt us eventually.

For a team that does not attempt a lot of FGs during a game, shot selection is critical.

So my plea is for Eggerson to recognize his limitations and stick with what he does best, which is taking it to the rim and cleaning up around the rim.

Part of what makes a great TEAM is recognizing player's individuals capabilities as well as their limits and figuring out how this best helps the team.

Now Eggerson has a couple of more years to go and might be able to work on his 3s next summer, but the regular season is not a time to do it.


Jester of Magellan said...

Well said, IBP!

Diamond_Mike said...

I agree, but I think a lot of this can be chalked up to Bam-Bam's absence. He is the second shooter who takes pressure away from J-Wal. I hope that Egerson sticks to what he does very well, which is banging down low and hitting mid-range shots. His mid-range is good enough to give him some room to operate. He has two more years to develop a solid three stroke, which would make his a very dangerous player.