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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maryland's Vasquez

On a side note, let me go on the record now to say that Maryland got quite a coup in recruiting Vasquez. You heard it here first. Diamond and I watched him dominate a high school all star game this summer, which is where I first got wind of this kid.

Although he played a poor game this evening, this kid can clearly play and I expect we will be hearing a lot about him over the next four years. Too bad he is not at Georgetown. He possesses a high basketball IQ and is a fabulous passer. He is a big reason for Maryland's early season success, tonight's result notwithstanding.

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Diamond_Mike said...

Agreed on Vasquez. Sweaty Gary found a diamond in the rough on that one. He wasnt' heavily recruited out of high school. In fact, Maryland only went after him after losing out on Freeman. I was impressed with McAlarney on the Irish. JTIII recruited him pretty heavily. He would be nice on this year's team.