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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Notre Dame Scouting Report

I attended this evening's Maryland-Notre Dame game. The scouting report is fairly simple--Notre Dame, like last year's squad, essentially does nothing but shoot threes. We must guard the three point shot against Notre Dame or we will be in big trouble because Notre Dame has about three shooters who are fairly deadly from the outside. Notre Dame also proved fairly adept at driving the ball inside, thus causing the Maryland defense to collapse on the paint, which was inevitably followed by a kickout to an outside shooter who more often than not nailed the shot at a pivotal time. Notre Dame attempted 58 shots, 24 of which were threes (over 40%).

Don't get me wrong...I am not ready to proclaim Notre Dame a beast of the Big East, but I think they are better than last season and should not be overlooked. I believe they might surprise a few teams in the Big East.

At least we no longer have to worry about Bowman fouling these guys while they jack up threes. PE Jr. now seems to have occupied this role, but hopefully he will be riding pine most of the season.

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