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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iverson Trade

Let me just say for the record that I am absolutely ecstatic that Allen Iverson did not wind up in Boston, who was rumored to be one of the potential suitors. I have been experiencing sleepless nights for days thinking about the prospect of Iverson in Celtic green. This is not a bad deal for the Nuggets, although Philadelphia may get the better end of the bargain long-term provided they draft well. It would have been a disaster for Boston though.

Something makes me think that Red may have worked some magic here one last time!!!

I am uncorking a bottle to celebrate tonight!!!!!


Diamond_Mike said...

The Answer could have at least brought some excitement to what is now a moribund franchise. I just don't see how not making this trade makes the Celtics better. Is it currently contending for a championship? If it wants to go with nothing but youth, that's fine, but Pierce makes as little sense as Iverson then. I say tank and try to land Oden.

Italian Stallion said...

While I must admit that I don't really follow the NBA, I have to agree with Diamond. How does getting Iverson NOT make you a better team? I do have some doubts about The Answer & Melo co-habitating the club house; but then again, most NBA locker rooms have an assortment of characters.

IPB said...

It is about the long-term, not the short-term. While Iverson would provide an immediate spark, Boston would still be nowhere close to competing for a championship, which is our ultimate goal, with Iverson on the roster. With basically Boston's entire salary cap tied up in Iverson and Pierce, Boston would have nowhere to go and would continually be stuck as a mid-level playoff team that never advances beyond the first few rounds.

This type of result is of course "better" than what Boston has experienced in recent years but it is not in line with the overall goal of hanging a 17th championship banner in the rafters.