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Monday, December 18, 2006

The Blowout

I wanted to give a quick recount of the GU - Winston-Salem game. The IBP and I attended and I think that he'll agree it was a great time. McDonough was absolutely rocking the whole time.

Georgetown, unsurprisingly, was absolutely dominant. Not only did we win by 44, but that included a 30-1 run and we were able to prevent Winston-Salem from making a field goal for almost 12 minutes at one stretch.

Tyler Crawford finally demonstrated that shooting touch we've heard so much about. He was just stroking it. And it was great to see the big smile on his face when he hit his third in a row. The kid plays with passion.

Sapp continued to look good. He really has been doing it all, and I think that it's starting to get to the point where Wallace must be feeling some pressure to step up his game.

I also thought that Summers looked fantastic. He had an alley oop dunk that was absolutely sick. In fact, he looked so good that I told IBP that I wouldn't be surprised if he was the best player on the team next year. Everything just seems so effortless for him.

All of those great things aside, I was again disappointed with Hibs and Green. Hibbert is the definition of weak. He ended up with quite a few points due to a solid performance from the free-throw line, but he could not finish anything. That was especially troubling given the team of midgets that W-S threw against the Hoyas. The tallest player on the Ram's squad is listed at 6-7 and I'm sure that's a lie. I would be surprised if anyone on that squad was over 6-5.

Green was completely invisible. He ended the game with only 5 points and was a complete non-factor. That being said, he did not play at all in the second half. This was very strange. At first, I thought that maybe he was not feeling well or that he was possibly being benched because of his lack-luster play. But his big smile on the bench leads me to believe that is not the case. We'll have to do some follow up on that one.

Overall, I was happy to have a solid win over a very bad team. I was also glad to see the guards' play continue to improve. I am, however, concerned about our disappearing big men. We'll have to see if things change when we move into the Big East season.

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Jester of Magellan said...

The Washington Times had this to say about Jeff Green riding the pine.

Surprisingly, Georgetown's game-defining run took place with junior power forward Jeff Green on the bench. Green, for two-plus seasons the team's most consistent performer, wasn't noticeably out of sync on the floor. But it was Green (five points, six rebounds) who Crawford replaced before jump-starting Georgetown's takeover streak.
"Jeff Green isn't going to pout [about being benched in the second half]," Thompson said. "He's going to go finish a couple of papers and his exams and come back ready to play better. It wasn't as much what he was or wasn't doing as the group out there was working."

That doesn't really shed much light on the situation, other than clarify that Green wasn't hurt/sick and that JTIII did not think he was performing well.

Click here for the rest of the story.