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Monday, December 04, 2006

5 Votes

The ESPN/USA Today poll is out. As was expected, with back-to-back losses the Hoyas drop out of the top 25. The thing that hurts the most, however, is that we only received 5 votes. Ouch.

Update: The AP poll is out. Georgetown is no longer a member of the top 25, though we did manage to muster 60 votes there; the second most votes among an unranked team. The only team to receive more votes and not be ranked was Oregon, who received 107.

1 comment:

IPB said...

I'm shocked we received five votes. How in the hell did that happen? Does JTIII vote and his assistants vote? They may be the only people who believe we belong in the top 25 right now and I'm not sure they would actually say this if placed under sodium penathol? Frankly we deserve ZERO (0) votes after starting this campaign at 4-3.