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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Dukie's Take on The Game

Here's a link to an article about tomorrow's game from the The Chronicle, an independent daily at Duke. It includes some pretty insightful comments from a few Blue Devil players about where they went wrong last year, and why they think they are in a better position to beat us this year. The article also notes that Duke got a bit of a warm up game by playing Air Force, who runs a Princeton style offense similar to the Hoyas'.

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Italian Stallion said...

I must admit that I haven't watched any GU basketball this season; however, I do plan to take a break from contracts tonight to watch the duke game. First, to comment on Jester's previous post, there is a lot of season left to play and whether a team is 6-0 or 4-2 and is or is not ranked in the top 25 now it pretty much meaningless. While the 2 losses are a bit surprising, to me, I'm more concerned with Big East standings.

I think the worst thing to happen was to open the year ranked in the top 10. I think that has messed with their minds a little bit. However, I'm confident that the standings in March will see Georgetown in the top 3 in the Big East.

As far as tonight's contest, I predict a Duke victory (by 3-6 points); my predicition is more based on the inherent home court advantage Duke enjoys than respective records & rankings. However, I'm not at all suggesting that a Duke victory is a 100% certainty. Whereas a Duke victory will be a close margin, a GU win will be a ass whooping. It wouldn't surprise me to see GU walk into Cameron & knock the crap out of Duke. I'd love to see JT outcoach Coach K on a nationally televised game with Duke faithful looking on again.