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Monday, October 16, 2006

Number 5?

MSNBC has the Hoyas ranked number 5 in their top 25.

Of course this is subspect since they list Jonathan Wallace as their "Must See." I love Wallace, and I hope that he steps up his game, but c'mon...who are we kidding...



IPB said...

Jonathan Wallace is probably the most fundamentally sound player on the team. I love that kid...Mike, just wait and see until you start attending more games in person. He rarely ever makes a mistake and as much as I love Hibbert and Green the same cannot always be said about their decision-making skills.

What Wallace lacks in physical ability he more than makes up for in basketball IQ, which has to be the highest on the team.

If by "Must See," MSNBC was referring to how one should play the game, I couldn't agree more with the label. But I'm guessing they really were referring more to star-power, ability to change a game, etc. and Green and Hibbert certainly hank higher in that category.

Jester of Magellan said...

Don't get me wrong. Wallace is probably my second favorite player on the team after Jeff. I like him because he rarely makes those stupid mistakes that we're used to seeing in Hoyas PGs of years past. But MSNBC was referring to him for his shotmaking ability. Though I would say that J-Wall is an average to above-average outside shooter, he is not lights out.

Diamond_Mike said...

We are going to miss J-Wal very very much when he is gone. This kid is flawless but admittedly not spectacular. For the Princeton offense, he is perfect. I just hope he can step up his outside shooting b/c we are going to need it this year.