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Friday, March 21, 2008

UMBC Point Spread

Georgetown is a 17 point favorite in today's opening round game, making them one of the heaviest favorites on the board (behind only UNC, Memphis and Tennessee). The over/under is 131.5. Go Hoyas!

Point spreads/odds provided for recreational purposes only


Italian Stallion said...

Stallion's prediction - Hoyas will not cover the spread. Victory will be solid, but JT3 is a classy guy who doesn't look to run up the score.

Kevin said...

and that's exactly why they cannot close out games... pathetic

Italian Stallion said...
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Italian Stallion said...

kevin while i would agree that the hoyas inability to close out games proved costly against davidson, there is a true difference between closing out a game and letting your adversary retain a little bit of pride by not piling on the points. the g'town /sju game in january was a good example. with g'town up by a good 20, jt3 gave some of the other hoyas a chance to play rather than have hibbert, wallace, summers, and the rest of the starters continue to pound the johnnies.