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Monday, March 24, 2008


Italian Stallion said...

that picture pretty much sums up jt3's post-game press conference. you just have to feel for guys like PE, wallace, and hibbert; to get bounced in the 2nd round after last year's high is a letdown. although i've been critical of roy all year & i think the big fella had a poor game on sunday, i do have a lot of respect for the guy coming back for his last year to try to win it all.

bluediamond said...

Papa John said it all too well on his Sports Talk 980. He said that asa coach you never want to teach your kids to lose but you damn well want to teach them how to lose. So true. This loss hurts because it's bound up with unfulfilled potential. Last year's team went beyond all our expectations; this year's fell short. But, hey, you know we'll be back next yr. strong as ever: we're Hoyas