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Monday, March 17, 2008

A Number 2 Seed

So, we couldn't get the job done against Pitt in the Big East Tourney final. I think that we were really done in by foul trouble. Roy Hibbert got into trouble, which meant that one of Georgetown's best weapons on offense and defense spent a lot of time riding pine. DaJuan Summer fouled out with lots of time left to go in the second half, which meant the Hoyas were without their most explosive offensive player. And Jeremiah Rivers fouled out during crunch time, which means we were without our best, lock-down defender as we tried to make a run down the stretch (though it also meant we didn't have to watch any of his ill-advised shots, like the shot from the corner that he took that bounced off the side of the backboard; just plain ugly).

Still the Hoyas managed to get a number two seed in the Midwest. I don't know where they rank amoung the two seeds yet, but I figure that it must be pretty high. They avoided the brutal Eastern Region, where Tennessee got punished as the two seed. And I heard the head of the NCAA Selection Committee say last night on ESPN's Bracketology that Georgetown is playing in Raleigh instead of Duke because we were a higher rated #2 than they were and it was the closest venue that we were allowed to play in.

I haven't really studied the bracket yet, but my initial reaction is that we got a good draw. Don't get me wrong, assuming that we handle UMBC, every subsequent game will be a struggle. The next game will feature the winner of Gonzaga or Davidson; two excellent mid-major teams. And then we would likely play Wisconsin, the winner of the Big Ten regular season and tournament (though it is possible we could have to play one of the freshman phenoms if Kansans State or Southern Cal pulls the upset). If we get through those teams, we have to take on the Big 12-champs, Kansas; a team that I think could very well win it all. Still, I think that the Hoyas have a chance against all of these teams.

In fact, I heard Dick Vitale on ESPN radio's Mike & Mike show this morning (he was on right before JTIII). He said that he had Georgetown beating Kanasas in the Elite Eight to return to the Final Four! You have to like that.


Italian Stallion said...

Jester, I agree with your thoughts. I don't want to say the Hoyas have an "easy" bracket because there are a # of solid teams in there that have major upset potential. Davidson is one that comes to mind. I think they are a lot stronger than the # 10 seed they got and I think will give the Hoyas a handful in the 2nd round (I'm assuming that they will beat UMBC).

Quite honestly, I see a G'town / USC matchup in the Sweet 16 with the winner of that matchup to face Vandy. (Kansas has never worked out for me in the Tournament). Based on my prediction, I think the Hoyas have a strong chance for a 2nd straight Final 4 appearance.

Diamond_Mike said...

I'm generally pleased with the draw. We aren't likely to face the kind of physically imposing team (read Memphsis or Pitt), who has given us fits this year. And we have avoided UNC. I think we match up fairly well with both Wisconsin and Kansas. Now, we are going to have to get by some good teams first. And, having watched Davidson play a few times this year, I think they are way better than a 10 seed. That game will make me very nervous.

Italian Stallion said...

Diamond, I agree. Davidson is much better than a # 10 seed & I think they will be motivated to show it. They were on the edge of the Top 25 late in the year and are itching to beat a big team. I share your concern over Davidson; however, I'm betting on the Hoyas due to the "big game" experience and depth. I mean, assuming folks aren't in foul trouble, I think we match up well against any of the top teams and our defense has been stifling as of late.