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Friday, March 14, 2008

On to the finals

Admittedly, I didn't get to see the entire game; however, from what I saw, Roy seemed to step it up big time. 25 points / 13 boards done quite efficiently & effectively in his 28 or so minutes of PT. I know that I've been critical of Roy at times during the season (& yesterday); however, tonight, I must give him due credit for a job well done. With a nearly 2 to 1 rebound advantage of the 'Neers, the paint, as well as the entire garden floor, belonged to the Hoyas. The big guy looked pumped up out there from tip-off.

No need for a recap as I'm assuming that most, if not all of my fellow VBB watched the game, but I must say that the Hoyas looked tough tonight. I have trouble thinking of anything not positive about the result of this game. Having said that, here's to a big game from the big man.

Although I witnessed the Hoyas cut down the nets at the Garden last year, I am sad to say that I will not be there to see it tomorrow night. To cite one of Jester's prior postings, I think at this point, a # 2 seed is looking quite realistic. While I am by no means looking past Pitt or Marquette (I'm typing this post as the nightcap game is on), I personally would have love to have seen a G'town / L'ville BE final matchup. 24 hours till we find out if the Hoyas cut down the nets again.

PS - I may have been asleep at the wheel when we discussed this, but I thought Chris Wright was redshirting this year?? Did I miss that message?


Diamond_Mike said...

Thanks for the recap, Stallion. I DRVed the game and watched it once I got home last light. Chris Wright played too many games in the beginning of the year to redshirt. Rather, Nikita was the once who was redshirted. I really enjoy seeming Chris on the court. He brings an aspect to our game that has been sorely missing all year--the ability to penetrate and kick. He had some great passes last night to open shooters. He also has the ability to make teams pay for pressing us. Glad to see him back out there!

Italian Stallion said...

I agree. Wright will add a nice punch next year (i'm assuming if he doesn't start, he'll see a fair amount of PT). I foresee a nice trio in Wright, Freeman, & Summers. If Big Ticket can rein himself in next year, I see the Hoyas strong for the next few years.