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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cabinet Officials, And Mayors, And Owners, Oh My!

The New Yorker magazine recently ran a commentary by Hendrik Hertzberg suggesting that John McCain would be well served by selecting Condoleezza Rice as his vice presidential running mate. I don't know whether or not that would be a politically expedient decision for Senator McCain, but I do know that my opinion of the Secretary of State recently improved with her decision to attend Georgetown's home finale against Louisville. Not only did Ms. Rice attend the game, but she apparently knows a fair amount about college basketball -- as the beginning of the embedded video below demonstrates.

And the Secretary of State wasn't the only DC celebrity to grace the Verizon Center this weekend. The list of luminaries included: Mayor Adrian Fenty; Washington Redskins Jason Campbell and Carlos Rogers; Capitals owner (and Georgetown alumnus) Ted Leonsis; and new Nationals owner Mark Lerner. Pat Ewing Sr. and Jeff Green's mom were also there.

Ted Leonsis was asked to explain the recent increase in interest in the Hoyas. His simple answer was: "Georgetown's back."

We are indeed.


Italian Stallion said...

Not sure if it's on the link, but on Sportscenter, there was an interesting pairing. They showed Condi & PESr shaking hands.

Diamond_Mike said...

I can tell you that I also saw Chris Dodd, who accompanied regulars Al Hunt and Mark Shields.

Nice job with the blog. I'm still in Europe but will return for the championship on Saturday. (Check out the hits from Azerbaijan, London, and Oslo.)