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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rivals: GU Leads for Mr. Monroe

The Monroe Doctrine could soon be enforced in the Phonebooth. Hopefully, the Hilltop makes quite an imperssion on Mr. Monroe during his visit.

Has Monroe Found A Fit?

Everything I'm hearing below the surface points to Georgetown as the leader. I'm not saying that's where Monroe will go, but I do believe Georgetown is the leader going into the visits. An extremely bright student, Monroe will place a heavy emphasis on academics. Georgetown certainly meets that criterion, although Georgetown isn't the only strong academic school on Monroe's list. In addition, Hoyas coach John Thompson III has made a positive impression on the Monroe camp. Lastly, Georgetown's Princeton-style offense fits Monroe's skill set perfectly. Monroe is comfortable working in the high post and is a terrific passer who can anchor this style of offense. It also doesn't hurt that Georgetown has a great track record for developing skilled post players.

Duke is right up there with Georgetown. Monroe has grown up admiring Duke's program, and Duke certainly has the academic reputation Monroe desires. I believe LSU has a lot of work to do on Monroe's upcoming visit. I have a feeling the Tigers still are in the hunt because of the pressure of them being the in-state school. I'd handicap Texas and Connecticut as dark horses in this race. Texas has the success of Kevin Durant to sell, and there is a Louisiana connection in Austin with DJ Augustin. UConn has spent a good deal of time recruiting Monroe, and UConn's ability to send players - specifically post players - to the NBA speaks for itself. All five schools have a legitimate shot at Monroe, but in the end I suspect it will come down to Georgetown and Duke.

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