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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hoyas and Cards Tabbed as #1 by BE Coaches

Here are the results of the Big East Preseason Coaches' Poll:

1. Georgetown (8) 217
Louisville (8) 217
3. Marquette 191
4. Pittsburgh 170
5. Syracuse 153
6. Connecticut 149
7. Villanova 143
8. Providence 141
9. Notre Dame 122
10. West Virginia 112
11. DePaul 79
12. Cincinnati 62
13. Seton Hall 56
14. St. John’s 52
15. Rutgers 32
16. USF 23

I think this is hard to argue with. I might have put Nova a little higher, UConnvict a little lower, and for some reason I keep thinking that St. John's will put in a respectable season at some point. The IPB and I saw JTIII at the open practice over the weekend and he seemed reasonably confident about where the team is headed. If the practice was any indication, we can certainly shoot! The IPB will post a full recap of that event in the near future.


Italian Stallion said...

Anyone interested in a side-bet of losers? Which 4 teams don't make the BE Tourney? I'm with Diamond & just keep waiting for the Johnnies to actually play like they care about being able to play in the tourney on their home court. My pick for the 4 non-participants:

Rutgers (I say this despite my current affiliation)

Look for GU to be cutting down the MSG nets.

Diamond_Mike said...

I think Rutgers and USF are clearly the dregs of the conference. That's settled. As for the other two, I'm going to go with Cincy--I think Cronin will do a very good job there but he just doesn't have the horses yet to compete in the Big East--and West Virginia. Now, I know that this is a stunning pick, as WV has some serious talent left over from Beinlein's team, but I think Thuggins is just such a terrible fit for those players that the team will self-destruct, ala the Eddie "Hardcore" Griffin/Ty Shine Seton Hall team of 2001.