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Sunday, October 14, 2007

ESPN's Recap of Midnight Madness

And here is what SI had to say:

There was . . . an appearance by Dances-With-Stars wideout Jerry Rice, who got a lesson in the Soulja Boy from Hoya forward Pat Ewing Jr. The most famous Louisiana resident in attendance turned out to be a 6-foot-10 high school senior: Greg Monroe, who's the No. 1-ranked player in the Class of 2008 according to He was showered with chants of "Greg Mon-Roe" from the Georgetown students who had packed the 2,500-seat gym to the gills. They seemed very interested in having Monroe replace Roy Hibbert in the Hoyas' frontcourt next season.

Monroe, who visited LSU the previous week (witnessing the Tigers' football win over Florida) and heads to Duke next week, wasn't ready to commit on the spot after the festivities. But he did say he had breakfast with coach John Thompson III that morning, and met Big John Thompson, and was "impressed." Asked to compare Georgetown to LSU, Monroe said, "LSU is real big; it has that big feeling. This is smaller and more relaxed. They're two very different schools."

It's unclear whether Monroe will made any college decision during the fall period, but the consensus is that Georgetown and Duke have the leg up in the race to sign him. For what it's worth, he seemed to be in a great mood on Friday: I watched him crack up at the sight of John Thompson III dancing -- "I didn't expect that," Monroe said -- although he did not go as far as to sport one of the "JTIII is my Homeboy" shirts that two students, James DiPietro and Phil McClymont, were hawking in a parking lot outside of McDonough. They said that JTII confronted them last year asking, in a serious tone, where his "cut" was ... before breaking into laughter.
There was far more dancing than basketball on the evening; the lone hoops display was a dunking drill and a few lackadaisical minutes of the weave. JTIII forced the team to do a group Soulja Boy, which somewhat botched until Malik Kilkenny Diaw, the little brother of former Hoyas center Amadou Kilkenny-Diaw and an apparent expert in Crank Dat moves, came out to rescue them. Malik told me he thought it would only take "one hour" to teach JTIII a perfect Soulja Boy.

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