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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Will They Return for a Championship?

Green and Hibbert are giving the Hoya faithful hope with their most recent AP interview. What is so great about this is how sober and informed both seem. They are clearly approaching this with great maturity and with an eye toward their legacy as college ballplayers, their potential to maximize their draft status, and the importance of a college degree.

Georgetown's Green says it's '70-30' he'll return to Georgetown
Big East player of the year Jeff Green said Tuesday there is a "70-30" chance he will return to Georgetown for his senior season. Green and fellow junior Roy Hibbert submitted their names as early-entry candidates for the NBA draft last week. Neither has hired an agent, so both could return to fulfill their oft-stated goal of playing four years with the Hoyas. "Right now, 70-30 -- 70 coming back," Green said. "It depends on whether I'm ready. I still have a lot of things I need to work on to play at that level." Both players are potential lottery picks, and both said they want to get a gauge of what their NBA value is now and what it might be if they stay in school another year. "Do I want to go eight-through-14, or do I want to go top three next year?" Hibbert said. "That does play a factor in my decision."

Hibbert put his odds of returning at 50-50, even though he said Green is the more NBA-ready player. Should both return, coach John Thompson III's team could be a favorite to win the NCAA title next season. The Hoyas made the Final Four this year before losing to Ohio State in the national semifinals. "I wouldn't want to be at the end of a bench on an NBA team, not being able to develop and show what I can do, so another year here would be great, obviously," Hibbert said. "But I'm just going to see if Coach thinks I'm ready. I would love to come back and get a national championship banner in here. We were close this year, but next year could be great."

Green and Hibbert have until June 18 to withdraw their names if they want to return to Georgetown. The draft is June 28. "School is only going to be here four years," Green said. "The NBA will be there forever. You can't just give up that. That's a big thought in this process. Either way, I'm going to come back and get my degree.";_ylt=AlNE7zJiuv1EV.YskxLYAJ7evbYF?slug=ap-georgetown-green-hibbert&prov=ap&type=lg

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