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Monday, April 02, 2007

Update: The Contract Situation

President DeGioia had better not screw this up. Pay the man his money!

Keeping Thompson will be main focus

During the run-up to the Ohio State game, Georgetown president Jack DeGioia announced his intentions to sit down with Thompson tomorrow to discuss the coach's financial future. That the university has not already rewarded Thompson with both a substantial raise and a major extension is somewhat of a surprise. One agent at the Final Four who represents multiple Big East coaches dubbed Thompson "one of the five hottest commodities in the profession at any level." Thompson has two years remaining on a deal that pays him $456,000 a season. That salary ranks in the bottom third among his Big East coaching brethren and is a comparative pittance to the salaries of the other three Final Four coaches, each of whom is paid well in excess of $1 million.

Note: The alumni who read this blog might want to shoot President DeGioia an e-mail today about the contract situation. I will be sending him a short e-mail voicing my support for Coach Thompson receiving a competitive market salary:

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