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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Voice Chimes In

The fine people at The Voice have joined their fellow student-writers at The Hoya with a plea to the Georgetown administration to give Thompson a raise. The piece, entitled "Pay The Man," will appear in today's addition of The Voice and is available online.

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Italian Stallion said...

Best point of the article is the level of class that JT3 restored to head coaching job. I'm not saying Escherick was a class-less guy, but he portrays the paternal role that his pops was known for. Also, JT3 has restored the role of GU head coach to a high role of respect. Did Craig really belong on the same floor as the likes of BE established names like Lappas & Boehiem?

Also, while pops was respected, there's no denyign a certain thuggish image that was associated with G'town bball (Exhibit A - Cuba Gooding in Boyz in da Hood). JT3 presence & style of play have done wonders with portraying G'town as the wholesome Jesuit institution that it is. That by itself is worth $1MM.