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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bye-Bye Jeff & Roy?

Here's the latest on the possibility of Jeff & Roy turning pro from Chad Ford’s blog on

Former Michael Jordan agent David Falk has been making a strong pitch to Georgetown players Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert, and according to multiple sources, it looks as though both players are leaning toward declaring.

Of the two, Green is more confident about turning pro; Hibbert still has reservations. But ultimately, most expect to see both of them in the draft.


Diamond_Mike said...

Roy should have some serious reservations. He could go high lottery if he waits a year, and unlike so ultra-quick guard, his draft status is not premised on one particular physical attribute that could be hampered by injury. My sense is that his stock can only rise.

Jeff, on the other hand, could go through another disappearing act next year and see his stock drop.

BTW: What the heck is JT doing letting his agent pressure these kids to enter the draft? I hope this was a mistake by the author. Falk should give them their options, not push them out of school.

Jester of Magellan said...

In response to your "BTW." My initial reaction was that it may be an indication of how poorly the negotiations are going between Thompson and the University. I think JTIII has much less of an incentive to encourage his best players to stay if he isn't planning on being around. Am I wrong?

Diamond_Mike said...

I hope so. DeGioia has to know that it will be a massive, indelible black mark on his legacy if he screws this up. Muir would also have to consider leaving the University if it can't retain its marquee coach. We are already in the silent phase of an 8-year capital campaign--that is not the kind of kick-off you want for the public phase next year!

Italian Stallion said...

I personally think with the crop of folks coming out & declaring this year, both would be well advised to stick it out another year. No dobut that Noah's draft stock rose after winning a national title. Maybe it's just perception, but if I'm an NBA scout, I'm drawn to a guy who when his team is the overwhelming favorite, actually produces.

From a financial perspective, both will be low-balled coming out this year (Green especially after his performance in the Ohio State game). Why pay big $$ for somebody who appeared to shut down in the big one? This is not a knock on Green's season, but, one can't deny that when the pressure to peform was there, Green vanished (I say this fully realizing that he played a great game in the NC game).

I also agree with Jester's comments that JTIII, while not an outspoken person, would seem to have a role here to keep these guys in the program by showing them a replay of the FL / Ohio State game. Could it be a sign of the lack of agreement with his contract?

At any rate, am I crazy, but doesn't winning a national title increase one's draft standing?