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Sunday, April 08, 2007

New Science Center

Could the designs for the new science center be any more disappointing? Instead of picking up on the stone exterior of the new business school facility, the architects have gone with industrial minimalism. And, in 2010, Georgetown will add this to Reiss, Lauinger, and Harbin as one of its ugliest structures. Bravo.

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Jester of Magellan said...

A couple of thoughts. I agree that the design is disappointing. However, I think that it shows a good effort to conform the space where it will be located. For example, the class facade seems to echo the new glass business school facade that it will run parallel to. The brick facing and windows on the other side mimic the ICC. And the roof lines seem to copy the lines of the Leavey Center clock tower that the new science center will connect to. These kind of parallels should help the center blend in, making its less than desirable architecture less of an affront than Lauinger or Harbin, which both stick out like sore thumbs.

Also, let's keep our eyes on the prize with this one. The most important part of this building is what exists on the inside. A beautiful building would be nice, but as long as it isn't hiddeous, and has improved science facilities, I'll be relatively happy.