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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update on Recruits has a few short write-ups on the high schoolers participating in the LeBron James Skills Academy. Two of interest to Hoyas fans are commit Henry Sims and recruit Greg Monroe, the consensus #1 recruit in the class of 2008.

The report on Sims was great. He sounds like he can play in the post or face-up. He thus sounds like the prototypical JTIII big man, who can do it all. Here's the report:

"Sims was surprisingly productive throughout the first two days of camp, finishes everything inside and making his presence felt on both ends of the floor. The long, athletic big man really did some damage on the offensive glass, exhibited great hands, and seemed to be a guards dream with his ability to convert their drop-off passes inside for assists. Henry has a motor that does not stop running at all, and with continued development on the low blocks should be able to receive a considerable amount of playing time as a freshman for the Hoyas."

Monroe's write-up I found even more intriguing. Evidently, JTIII is trying to sell him on being the next Jeff Green. Damn if this doesn't sound like Jeff, for good and for ill:

"Monroe is an amazing talent, but has been unable to utilize his skills to their maximum potential throughout the first three days of camp. He showed dazzling footwork on the low blocks, finishing with both his right and left hands equally well. Monroe was money from 18 feet and in, and converted everything in transition. Still with all of these skills, he failed to take over the game we watched and was extremely passive. Greg is unselfish to a fault and while he is surely is the most talented player here at camp, by no means has he been the most dominant."

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