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Thursday, July 05, 2007

An Offer You Can't Refuse?

I have a quick question for all of the alumni who find their way to this blog. Imagine that you are still a student on the Hilltop. If someone offerred you $5 million to leave Georgetown and go do something else you loved, would you take them up on the offer even if it meant delaying your graduation? I think it would be pretty hard to turn down such a proposal.

With that in mind, I guess Jeff Green made a good decision. The Sonics signed him to a contract this weekend. ESPN reports that Green will make $2.548 million his rookie season, and $2.739 million his second year. Seattle will have a one-year optoin on Jeff for his third and fourth years.


Italian Stallion said...

I'd have to agree. Delaying a college graduation & taking $5MM to go to what you've been working for the prior decade is an easy one. Why risk the injury? Bummer that he'll miss senior week but I think he'll be OK as he enterains the ladies at his new pad.

If at the end of the junior year, I was faced with that "dilemma", I'd need all of half an eye blink to jump on it.

Diamond_Mike said...

The risk of injury is always there but these guys are insured, so I'm not sure how serious it really it. I probably would take the money so long as I didn't think my stock would rise with another year in school. In that, I think Jeff and Roy both made the right decisions for them.