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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kenner League Report

I attended the first two Kenner League games of summer 2007 today. I watched the second half of Meyers & Alterman versus the Colonials, and the first half of Clyde's against Eltro Lite.

The Meyers & Alterman team was without DaJaun Summers, but for some reason the Colonials featured Tyler Crawford (instead of Electo Lite, as published). The star of this game was Sean Singletary from UVA. He's quick as heck and showed a nice handle--but I'd expect that from a rising All-ACC senior. In any event, the game also had Gus Gilgrist who pulled out of his commitment at VATech after the shooting. He's prepping for this year and GU has been mentioned as a possible destination. I wasn't blown away. He's fine and did show some nice moves but he may not be worth any the baggage that could come along with snapping up a recruit who backed out of a commitment under dubious circumstances. Tyler was his usual self--unshelfish and always hustling. He got a bunch of garbage buckets but didn't shoot the ball too much.

The second game had Patrick Ewing Jr. and Austin Freeman. Jeremiah Rivers and Omar Wattad were nowhere to be seen. PE Jr. was far and away the best player on the court. He hit some beautiful jumpers, finished and passed well, and had some nasty blocked shots. He may be ready to assert himself in the Jeff Green role. Freeman's shot looked a bit off, but he finihed beautifully in traffic. The kid is built like a tank and very well could start as a small forward. He has great instincts too. Austin will be a lot of fun to watch. Another paritipant on Clyde's was Biggie McLain--with whom the Hoyas flirted for years. He's heading to Cincinatti. I wasn't blown away but he would probably get some PT. While not incredibly skilled, he is quite coordinated for a 7'1 freshman.

Also seen at the game were Jeff Green and John Thompson Jr., who were both spectators. At one point, Chris Wright walked through the gym. He is jacked--probably more defined than Austin. Both have Big East-ready bodies. That's all I've got for now. I was hoping to see a 2007 Final Four banner in McDonough but they haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe they are waiting until the 2008 national championship....

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