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Friday, July 13, 2007

Conference Matchups Released

The conference matchups for the Hoyas this year will be fantastic. This is the best schedule I could have possibly imagined. As all readers know, there will be 18 games for each Big East team this year. That means that all 16 teams play each other once with three repeat matchups. The way I think this should work is for each team to play a couple traditional rivals in the repeat games and maybe mix in a big matchup of two contenders, like last year when the Hoyas played Pitt twice.

That's just what they've done for the Hoyas this year! We get a home-and-home with Louisville who will be our main competition for the Big East title, and we have home-and-homes against traditional rivals St. John's and Cuse. But here is the great part. We have home games against UConn, Nova, and Notre Dame. The others will be Seton Hall, South Florida, and Cincinatti. It might have been nice to get Pitt or Marquette again at home but this is a great schedule as far as I'm concerned. It balances traditional rivalries and will let our home fans see Nova, UConn and Notre Dame again. Fantastic. Go Big East!

Now, let's get ready to give Pitino a well-deserved D.C. welcome.....

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