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Friday, February 01, 2008

A Report From The Hilltop: An Unpdate On DaJuan Summers' Injury

The Van Buren Boys are a giving bunch. So, when we were recently approached by a Georgetown undergrad who wanted to contribute to the blog, we said, "why not?" We gave the eager young man an assignment and told him to report back. He did.

Below is a guest post from the lad, who I'll call "The Iceman." We have no way of confirming the kid's story, so for now we'll take him at his word. But who knows, if this story proves to be accurate, and if The Iceman keeps on delivering quality guest posts, maybe we'll add him to the hallowed list of Van Buren Boy contributors.

Without further adieu...

The Hoyas looked just fine without DaJuan Summers as they cruised to a record-breaking 74-42 win over the St. John's Red Storm on Wednesday night. Senior Patrick Ewing, Jr. filled in amply for the injured sophomore starter, who sprained his ankle during the waning moments of Monday's thriller against WVU.

While Ewing filled the shoes of Summers in this game, impressively controlling the tempo of the offense and being effective on both sides of the floor, his enthusiasm and athleticism won't be enough when conference rivals like Villanova and Syracuse come rolling into town. It's encouraging that the Hoyas played well without one of their stars, but let's be honest – we need the guy back.

According to a Washington Post report, Summers wasn't practicing and was listed as day-to-day. The Van Buren Boys decided to dig a little deeper, finding out that the report given by JTIII wasn't exactly complete.

Our source, a member of the men's basketball team, admitted to us that "DaJuan has been practicing on and off. He'll probably practice today."

When asked if Summers had been limping, our source admitted that "yeah, he's limping, but he's got that boot on. He'll take that off soon, though – he's a tough dude."

Finally, the Van Buren Boys pushed for what we all are dying to know – when's #3 coming back? "No idea, man."

We'll keep you updated on DaJuan's status as the injury progresses.

-- The Iceman

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