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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The DC Sports Bog on PE2's Handshakes

I've been trying to avoid blogging. I figured that if I didn't post anything the other VBBs would sweep in to fill the void. You know, like a power vacuum; except without the power part.

Anyway, I saw this on the DC Sports Bog and I just had to post a link. Dan Steinberg interviewed Pat Ewing Jr. about the series of elaborate handshakes that he's developed for each of his teammaters. It's a pretty entertaining piece, and not only for the insights about the various handshakes (i.e. "The Ewing-Tyler Crawford shake is some sort of homage to a Dave Chappelle skit.").

My favorite part is the "[o]ther notes," which include a variety of things that Jonathan Wallace is afraid of. Included in J-Wal's lists of fears are scary movies and bridges.

Hibbert on Wallace: "Freshman year we were walking across the Key Bridge, he was afraid of walking across the key bridge. He doesn't like bridges very much."

Wallace on bridges: "I'd rather not. Heights, water, that's not me."
You know what, Jon? I don't like bridges either...or scary movies. To me this is just further proof that you're the smartest guy on the team.


Diamond_Mike said...

I'm in Norway. What are the other guys' excuses? I've had to rely on the Hoyatalk board and my wife for updates of the recent ghastly performances.

Italian Stallion said...

Been burined in diapers & casebooks. Wasn't able to watch the 'Nova game.