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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Recap of 'Cuse game

not much to say about this one other than the fact that it was an utter debacle. you all know my opinion of the 'cuse; however, they flat out beat g'town today. from coaching to shooting to playmaking, this one was quite forgetable. this was a lot further apart than the 7 point final score differential. based on some of the espn half-time commentary, the close win over nova, and today's game, i think road games may see the beginning the "over-rated" chant. not saying we are, but today we looked awful. my guess is that because of today's game we fall to #17 to # 19 in the rankings. there's definitely a target on our back for the rest of the season. the last game against l'ville may decide the BE.

in the first half while i applaud jt3's thought process of trying to let the hoyas play through the 'cuse spurt; but, at some point during the 'cuse outbreak, a TO was needed. hoyas looked totally confused and lost out there today. the fact that they had 3 or 4 field goals in the first 14 or so minutes was like watching the st. john's game except this time we were the johnnies.

not that i enjoy picking on hibbert, but he seems to be going in reverse. no reason he should have been in foul trouble. also no reason he should be outrebounded by a 2/1 ratio by dejuan; although that likely has much to do with the fact that roy sat out a good stretch b/c of fouls. he just seemed invisible out there. also, the bench contribution was anemic today.

unfortunately, i missed the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half, so i can't comment as to the catalyst for the comeback that almost was. can one of you guys tell me what went on with that? good comeback effort, but it's sort of hard to dig yourself out of a self-created 20 point hole.

aside from wallace's 26 points, the only bright spot to today's game was seeing ewing sr named as espn's #16 on the top 25 college players of all time. also, espn classic showed the 1985 and 1995 g'town / cuse games. boeheim apparently never had hair. baby stallion & i enjoyed watching the old games.

i'm hoping that this is the game that causes everyone's heads to get screwed back on. i don't mean to be negative, but not much positive can be taken from today.


Joshua said...

I can't speak of this game because it was so awful. Our turnovers are killing us - nearly killed us against Nova and killed us today. And what happened to our efficient offensive style -- we now go long stretches with no FGs.

But the idea that Patrick Ewing Sr. is only the 16th greatest college basketball player of all time is ridiculous. I'll defer all of my comments until I see who is ahead of him, but I'm thinking Ewing is AT LEAST top ten all time. His dominance in college, his impact and his success are truly exceptional, matched up against ANYONE. I have to say, I don't understand this one.

Italian Stallion said...

joshua, fair point. need to see who is ahead of him. i also don't know what is being considered as far as the time period (in other words, does it go back to the early days of college bball).

as far as turnovers, the bright spot here is that we only had 2 or 3 in the 2nd half. of course, that's sort of a hollow victory when we had 11 in the first half.