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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Huge Win!

The win over West Virginia is a big big win. That may be the most intense atmosphere the Hoyas will face this season. Surely, we played poorly--way way too many unforced errors. In fact, there were more inexplicable errors in that game than in any this year. Clearly, the team was somewhat rattled by the atmosphere. I wasn't pleased with DaJaun (but I hope he's okay!) or Jonathan, whose shot looks terrible. Once again, it was the gritty triumvirate of Jessie Sapp, Pat Ewing Jr., and Baby Doc, who pulled the Hoyas across the finish line. The final plays by Sapp and Ewing were just incredible. (Sapp has some stones!!!)Flipping between replays of Ewing's (clean) block and Obama's victory oratory was pure joy for me and the IPB. It turns out we were not the only ones. The Washington Post's Chris Cilliza discussed the game in his "Winners and Losers" column for The Fix regarding South Carolina:

The Fix's Heart: Already overtaxed by the stresses of serving as fan-in-chief for Catholic University's field hockey team and the ups and downs of Election 2008, The Fix's ticker can't take the sort of games Georgetown's basketball team has been playing of late. Last night's heart-attack inducing one-point win at West Virginia is just the latest example. And just for the record, that was a legitimate block -- and one heck of an athletic play -- by Patrick Ewing Jr. HOYA SAXA!

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