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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Belated Happy New Year

I had meant to post this earlier, but I just forgot. Anyone who has spent much time in our nation's capital looks forward to The Washington Post's annual list of what's in and what's out, which is published on the first day of every year. The List is a key indicator of what is up-and-coming and what is, well, "so last year." This year's list confidently proclaimed that the "Terps" are out and our Georgetown "Hoyas" are in. While one need only check the team's respective records to know that this is true, the inclusion of this obvious fact on The List has more important social connotations. The List's proclamation does not merely acknowledge that Georgetown is playing better than Maryland; it acknowledges that paying attention to the Hoyas is the cool thing to do. After living through a decade of news coverage that devoted a disproportionate amount of resources to a program that lamely argues that opponents should "fear the turtle," it is nice to know that the proper order of the universe is being restored.

P.S. - The print version was even more enjoyable than the on-line version that I've linked to in this article. In the good, old-fashioned paper version the Terps-Hoyas comparison was the first item on The List.

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