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Monday, January 21, 2008

'Cuse Recap

I'm assuming that those VBB who live in DC are making their way home from the Verizon Center at this point. I'd be curious to know if the 'Cuse fans were as loud in person as they sounded on ESPN. Sounded like it was a pretty good mix of folks.

While I can't say I watched all 45 minutes, I can say that I watched enough to know that the better team didn't win tonight. As much as it pains me to say, the 'Cuse out played G'town for much of the game. I'll take the conference win and first place in BE, but no reason that the game should have been that close. I missed the opening 3 minutes of the 2nd half so I can't say if it was our poor defense / offense or if the 'Cuse stepped up to try to go for the upset. Based on what I saw, it seemed like a little bit of both.

Jeremiah had some big plays as did Sapp. River's played some great defense down the stretch. Wallace hit the 3 in the pinch. For those who were at the game and didn't hear the ESPN commentary, Wallace got a lot of kudos. While I can't remember who said it, one did refer to Wallace as a "great college player". He got a lot of props for hitting the 3 and playing overall smart ball. Of course, as they said this he created a nice turnover.

Is it me, or does Roy just not really seem to show up until the last minute of the game. He sort of reminds of me of Eli Manning - plays blah for 3/4 of the game and then spends the last 1/4 trying to dig himself out of a self created hole. I must say that despite the points & boards tonight, I have remained unimpressed with Roy this year. When the game is tight, I'm just not comfortable which Roy will show up.

Another solid game for the defense. Unless I was confusing the stats as they went by on the screen, 'Cuse has been averaging about 85 points a game. If that's the case, tremedous effort to bring them to the GU average of 57 points a game.


Nitty said...

The best team won tonight. The Big East is not a beauty contest, and wins in this league are often ugly like tonights. The best team won, no doubt. Expectations are causing you to think the Hoyas should win all of the games by 10 or more. In reality, they only need to win. Play better to win yes. Better team loss, I cannot agree with such hateration!

Joshua said...

It seemed that, once again, we had a big problem with rebounding. For example, giving Syracuse a second-shot with about 40 seconds left in regulation was inexcusable. Fortunately, it did not come back to hurt us.

I disagree slightly on Roy -- I thought his 13 footer in regulation was a huge basket, putting us up four at that point. And he was in the middle on defense, very active. I just wish he was a little bit better rebounder.

I wasn't thrilled with Jesse's long three with the shot clock at 3 in OT, as I think we've settled too much for long range outside shots this year instead of working the offense, but I'll give him a pass because he played so well in tying up the game in regulation.

But DaJuan-- I love you, man, but what were you thinking fouling that guy on the three pointer?

Overall, we should be happy with the win. But that three at the buzzer almost went in.

Nassim said...

The crowd was as loud as it sounded on tv. At some points they drowned us out during some of our weaker chants. They were the loudest crowd by far since the WVU game last year.

As for the game itself, I noticed three things in the second half: 'Cuse came out fired up and we came out flat, our rebounding slid but theirs was vastly improved, and they Hoyas were playing good D in that they were making 'Cuse take outside shots. The problem with that third point is that 'Cuse was actually making most of those outside shots.