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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Interesting Anecdote From The L.A. Times

I missed this on Big John's radio broadcast, which I rarely listen to because, well, I have a job and can't spend all day listening to sports radio. Having recently finished Leonard Shapiro's biography of John Thompson, Jr. (which is a good read), I thought that this was humorous.

Anyway, this is what The Los Angeles Times had to say:

Hoya means what?

John Thompson III, Georgetown's basketball coach, might want to quit
listening to sports-talk radio, especially when the one talking is his

John Thompson Jr., the former Georgetown coach, recently told listeners of
his show on Washington's WTEM that the Hoyas could cure their rebounding
problems if they had some "thugs."

As college basketball blog Rush the Court points out, Thompson, who was
known for defending his players against such labeling, would have taken
"umbrage" if any media type had suggested when he was coaching that some college
basketball players were thugs.

To his credit, JTIII, while acknowledging his team's rebounding
deficiencies, said merely that the Hoyas need players "with a nose for the

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