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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Down Goes Padgett reports that Louisville senior center, David Padgett fractured his right knee cap in practice last week and is out for at least 10 weeks and, possibly, the rest of the season. You have to feel bad for Padgett, who has been riddled with plagues during his entire collegiate career.

The Cardinals were relying on Padgett to give them some experience and size on the court this year, and his absence should definitely hurt them. One would assume that Padgett's injury will help the Hoyas in their question to repeat as Big East champs.

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Diamond_Mike said...

You'd have to think he's done for the season. That's too bad. I was hoping Big Roy would be able to school him this year. Next year, he might just eat Vernon's lunch. In any event, I still think the Hoyas are the odds-on favorites for the Big East crown. This just makes them more so.

By the way, did anyone else notice that there are 6 Big East teams in the top 25?! I can't believe with how strong the league is that it will have trouble getting 8 or 9 teams into the tourney this year.