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Friday, November 16, 2007


The Hoyas totally overpowered Michigan last night. I was particularly pleased by the play of Vernon Macklin, Chris Wright, and Austin Freeman. While they all made mistakes, Macklin showed supernatural athleticism and good court presence, Wright showed his shooting and penetration, and Freeman shot from the outside and rebounded well. Hibbert had an off night, but it didn't really matter. Great game in terms of getting experience for the guys who will constitute the future of the program. And just let me state for the record--Jesse Sapp is a baller. He has taken a big step forward and will be huge for the Hoyas this year and next. Hopefully, the IPB will weigh in with his thoughts. Oh yeah, and Jeff Green's mom was there. And, finally, I have to big props to the students. Two games into the season this is probably the best student participation the Hoyas have seen since .... ever? Keep it up guys.

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