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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hoya Hoops Ads on Orioles Games

I know that Hoya hoops season is a long way off, but due to health circumstances, the Stallion has been watching a TON of sports TV. Not sure if my fellow Beltway VBB have seen, but everytime I see an Oriolems game or highlights, there is a huge ad behind home plate for Hoya Hoops tickets for the upcoming season. I'm pretty sure that it's image inserted for TV. But, I thought it was cool that Hoya Hoops frenzy is starting already. Especially cool to see it on TV here in NYC.

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Diamond_Mike said...

Welcome back, Stallion!!!!! I've been reading your own personal blog reports. It was great to hear that you are back home. As you can see, the blog sort of crapped out over the summer. If you are posting, I think the rest of us will no longer have an excuse!