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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barker on Ticket's Strange Decision

Strange timing for Macklin's departure

While there were few answers given to the media for public consumption in the aftermath of the strangest episode of the JTIII era, a reliable source assured us that Macklin's decision wasn't triggered by academic issues nor the competitive challenge of the program's elite trio of incoming frontcourt recruits (Greg Monroe, Henry Sims and Chris Braswell). Rather, Macklin's decision was based on the advice of those inside his circle but outside the program that his growth as a player was being stunted at Georgetown. Said the source: "Ticket [Macklin's nickname] chose to listen to what he wanted to hear from some folks outside the program, rather than what he needed to hear from those within it. When expectations don't meet reality, the hardest thing to do is point the finger at yourself." The picture of Macklin as hoops prima donna isn't pretty. From a strictly basketball perspective, Macklin's timing couldn't be more perplexing. After waiting his turn for two years behind an All-American center (Roy Hibbert), Macklin was finally going to be given the opportunity to shine next season. ... and in a more up-tempo scheme that would have accentuated his strengths (transition speed) while de-emphasizing his weaknesses (halfcourt post-up strength). And yet, Macklin chose to walk out the door just when his ultimate window of opportunity as a Hoya was opening.


Kevin said...



Jester of Magellan said...


This would definitely be big news...and a huge blow to the team. A lot of people get down on Jeremiah because he's not the world's best shooter, but his defensive presence is undeniable and a key to the team's success this past year.

We haven't seen any reports of this any where else. Do you feeling like revealing your source?

Dermot said...

Hoyatalk had a few threads about this that were pulled. I kind of thought Jeremiah might transfer, since Jason Clark apparently has similar defensive ability and a better offensive game. I hate to see Jeremiah leave, I loved his defense, and his early-season shooting was much improved.