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Saturday, December 29, 2007

IPB's Encounter with Fordham Player

Following today's trouncing of American, the IPB decided to take advantage of the post-holidays sales by getting in some shopping at several stores. While browsing in the mens' department at Macy's at Metro Center, the IPB noticed a very tall young black man decked out head-to-toe in Fordham warm-up gear. Drawing on his prodigious intellect, the IPB figured this young man had to play for Fordham, so the IPB approached him and started chatting him up. It turns out the IPB's astute hunch was correct, as the young man, junior guard Chris Bethl (no relation to former GU Hoya Tony Bethel) is in fact a member of the Fordam basketball teqm. See for more information on Chris.

Chris reported that the Fordham squad arrived in DC a couple of days ago to enjoy some time in our nation's capital. He said the Fordham team is staying in the Marriott on Pennsylvania Ave. and that his last trip to DC was last year when Fordham fell at the hands of George Washington. In the interest of full disclosure, the IPB told Chris that he's a big Georgetown fan but wished him good luck in his studies and his basketball career. Keep your eyes out for Chris (#50) this Monday; he averages about 9 minutes per game. He was a very nice guy and very gracious with his time. While we do not usually salute the opponent on this blog, here's to Chris!

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